Creative Process Narrative


These images are about revealing a space in nature and time that only exists through the process of photographic exposure; the genesis of these images is the means of creation. The moving camera peels away a resemblance of the object - the light reflected off the surface is separated from its source. The image is constructed of these fragments of light, stretched, flattened, twisted, layered and transparent.

The camera-to-subject paradigm is altered and the camera is employed as a brush arcing through space to describe the light emanating from the subject. The result is that of a dynamic nature whose material composition shifts and is folded inside transparent shapes and traces of surface. The image also reveals the gesture of the artist through the shapes, lines, and colors derived from the moving device; the resulting image is as much about the subject as it is the hand of the artist.

The photographer "paints" with the light reflecting off the objects, literally using the camera to transform nature into a flowing river of light, a dancing and vibrant space, merging colors to form new shapes that only exist inside the exposure. The narrative space of nature is abstracted, flattened, expanded, and reworked into a liquid form that flows across the composition. The object is simultaneously described in different moments of time and spatial reference points.

Often nature is depicted with a static still quality rather than as a space where constant change takes place over time. The nature these photographs render is one of surging energy, as if geological time were fast-forwarded. The language of landscape photography is replaced by a visual vocabulary more akin to abstract painting than to photography.

This body of work explores a constantly changing reality where a hidden energy lies just under the surface. These are images that the recording device discovers and the photographer translates. These are visual objects as resemblances of nature, a kind of sacred hidden space that has been captured and revealed through the photograph.